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"North Garden is hidden behind Calamari's off Route 5 in West Springfield. Their food is fantastic and the restaurant is clean with very friendly staff. Their portions are smaller than most chinese places (which can be a good thing!), but less greasy and delicious." - Kristin M. 02/25/08

"The North Garden may be tucked away off of Riverdale St., but I have to say that they are one of my 2 favorite chinese places. The food is not "cookie cutter", but made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Worth checking out!" - T.R. G. 01/21/08

"This is one of our favorite places. One half block off Hwy 5, near Fran Johnson's Golf. The food is superb!!! This is a mom and pop shop who tend to have a turnover of servers, one guy really did not want to work there, but he was pleasant anyway. There is a large menu and it is all good! The biggest surprise will be the bill. Lunch prices are a steal and dinner will cost you a whole ten to twelve bucks!" - Mike S. 11/09/07


"The food and the service are both excellent as well as the cocktail drinks. I have always trying to find out where i can get real Chinese food in Western Mass. This is the one. Come try it." - Cheuk. 07/17/08


"if you could find this place, you have very good luck worth finding this little hole in the wall"

"The best chinese restaurant in West Springfield"

"This restaurant is above average for West Springfield Chinese food. The Spicy Hunan Shrimp is excellent. Give it a try, you won't be sorry."

"One of the best chinese restaurants I have eating at. The food is ALWAYS fresh and HOT. The service is very fast and friendly... The fried food is crisp and cook just so right, Crab rangoon PACKED with crab, and flavor..the rice is soft and fresh,Genneral Tso's chicken very crisp and mmm mm..The owner is always there and able and willing to please his customers, strong accent so sometimes hard to understand but he as sweet and friendly... I must admit i am a fan of eating there a least once a week or more. And i have tried ALOT of different chinese restaurants and this brings the bar very very high..."

"The Crispy Tangerine Beef is to die for"